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A B.E.S.T. Session is a very relaxing experience.  You will remain fully clothed at all times, and your Practitioner will require you to practice gentle breathing techniques.   Non-forceful touch of certain pressure points are chosen, and at this time you may also be asked to think about a particular thought  or feeling or even to  hold your eyes in a  certain direction.   Your Practitioner is experienced, and will gently guide you through so that you will be fully relaxed and obtain the best possible result from your session.

On arrival, you will be given a short questionnaire to fill in so that we can better determine your needs and enhance your experience with us.  The number of sessions required will vary for each individual based on results, the establishment of good health and the desired outcome of goals both short and long term.  After reaching your desired outcome, we recommend maintenance  sessions from time to time for life long benefits.


Before your arrival to the Studio for your first visit, we encourage you to make two lists.  One, a list of your Life Experiences, the second a list of the People with whom you associate, be it family, friends or fellow employees. Our aim is to find the pattern of what holds you back and your lists are a very important part of your time with us.  Your lists are personal and don’t need to be shared with your Practitioner.  Simply number each experience, or person so that we can tailor your session personally for you.  This list can be rewritten, added to or revised as needed.  It is your personal list.

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