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Lianne is a very intuitive and caring therapist who explains what she is doing along the way so you aren't just left wondering what's going on. It's amazing what our bodies hang onto in the way of cellular memories and where they store those.

Lianne can find trigger spots you didn't even know you had.......and release them, leaving your body a lot more flexible and your mind a lot freer.

I highly recommend this technique to anyone. - Narelle 14/7/16

BEST is fantastic. Before BEST I had tried many different forms of emotional and physical healing including reiki, acupuncture and chiropractic. And nothing has worked as well and fast as BEST. Much thanks Lianne! - Luke 26/4/16

Just would like to thank Lianne, for helping me with all my under lying issues. I have had depression and other medical issue for a few years now and I have tried therapy and other medical advice but nothing has compared to B.E.S.T, I was sceptical at first but was amazed after seeing my emotions and my attitude change after a few treatments. Would highly recommend to anyone who has tried everything and is wanting to try something new and see amazing outcomes - Maddy 16/4/16


Dr. Wayne Dyer

Dr. Michael Beckwith

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